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The rise of retro; bringing back the 1950s.

‘Retro’ is on the rise. ‘Shabby chic’ is swinging back into trend. Whilst some aspects of retro or ‘vintage’ have always been popular, there are more and more retro fashion trends springing up. And I, myself, am a fan. Just this week I purchased a retro 1950’s American diner landline telephone. I fell in love … Continue reading

A letter to Father Christmas; because adults can write to Santa too.

Dear Mr. Claus, I know this is an incredulously busy time of year for you as you will already be inundated with letters from millions, and millions of children worldwide, most of which were obviously started on December 26th last year and contain extensive and detailed lists of demand after demand, but this Christmas all … Continue reading

Being Twins

“Twins and other multiples are naturally the subject of public curiosity. Families with multiples quickly become accustomed to being targeted with questions, and constantly having to answer the enquires of strangers on the street.” For those of you who haven’t worked it out yet; I’m a twin. No, not an identical twin, just a normal … Continue reading

My (short) moment with the Olympic Torch

Unless you have been in a deep, deep sleep for the past two weeks, you will have noticed that there is a rather significant sporting event currently going on, and ultimately ending tomorrow. (The Olympics for those of you who still haven’t worked it out.) In the run up to every Games there is an … Continue reading

Oscar Pistorius makes history

We are now a week into the London 2012 Olympic Games and I think most will agree, it has been somewhat of a spectacle thus far, from the opening ceremony to out in the streets for the road races. Unsurprisingly, China have topped the medal table since day one; their wealth of talent in what … Continue reading

How To Tell You’re Grown Up

Every day on my break at work, I pick up the newspaper and give it a read before I eat my lunch. Today’s choice was between The Sun and The Daily Mail. I chose The Daily Mail. (Please don’t judge me.) One article which caught my attention was ‘How To Tell You’re Grown Up” (click … Continue reading

Need You By My Side

I sit here in the rainĀ  Dreaming of your face, Thinking of how to cope Now you’ve gone away. Within my field of thoughts All I see is you. As I stumble around You reach out your hand. Now I’m all alone I don’t know if I can cope, I just need you by my … Continue reading

Claire Lomas; a truly inspirational woman.

“Completing the London Marathon is a remarkable challenge for anybody, but even more so if you are paralysed from the chest down.” (BBC News.) But yesterday at 12.50; 16 days after the race began, Claire Lomas did just that despite being paralysed from the chest down following a horse riding accident, becoming the first person … Continue reading

7 days to go!

So earlier this week a new ‘viral’ image hit the world wide web. His name? Ridiculously Photogenic Guy; an innocent photo taken by a member of the public just taking a quick snap as a herd of people completedĀ the Cooper River Bridge Run in South Carolina. “Messy hair, beads of sweat and expressions of agony … Continue reading

Mother’s Day poem; M&S Bouquet

So today is Mothering Sunday, and I think by now my mom is a little sick of all the flowers, (and not just any flowers might I add; M&S flowers!) she has received for Christmas, her birthday and generally whenever there are any reduced at the end of the day at work. Buying presents for … Continue reading

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