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Mother’s Day poem; M&S Bouquet

So today is Mothering Sunday, and I think by now my mom is a little sick of all the flowers, (and not just any flowers might I add; M&S flowers!) she has received for Christmas, her birthday and generally whenever there are any reduced at the end of the day at work.

Buying presents for your mom is just as hard as buying a present for your dad. You have to spend forever looking around every little shop, mostly the expensive ones, and you can never be sure they’ll actually like what you’ve bought them. That’s why I’ moved onto flowers but to the same result. “For me? Oh, you really shouldn’t have. You should have saved your wages, you’ll have none left at this rate.” 

Of course, if you don’t buy them anything, it’s the complete opposite, “Ahem. Aren’t you forgetting what day it is. Today is a very special day. Ahem. For a very special person. Haven’t you got your mother anything?”
“Well no Mom, you told me not to waste my money and instead save my wages. Only doing what you said.”

You can’t win either way. 

Fortunately I haven’t bought her the same bouquet every time, I have added variety although I don’t think mom could now walk in to M&S and say “Ooh, I haven’t had that bouquet before. Be a darling and buy some for me, I won’t even mind if you use your 20% discount on me.”

But today, to go alongside her latest bouquet, I thought I’d write her a poem too. Because I’m nice like that, you see.

For today is your very special day,

And for me, there is no other way

Than a pricey bouquet of M&S flowers,

To say thanks for all of the countless hours,

You’ve picked me up when I’ve been down,

Stood by my side and always been around.

For today is your very special day,

And for me, there is no other way

To express my eternal gratitude,

For putting up with me for all the times I’m rude,

And all of the emotional pain I’ve put you through,

Than another M&S bouquet to make it up to you.


For today is your special day,

And for me, there is no other way

To bring a smile to your face,

Than with flowers and a warm embrace,

So I can say thanks for wiping away all the tears,

And helping me overcome all my fears.


So forget about ironing and folding my clothes away,

I really hope you’re not sick of yet another M&S bouquet.

For today is Mothering Sunday,

And for me there is no other way,

To show my eternal gratitude,

Than writing this poem especially for you.

© RNTomlinson 2012.

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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day poem; M&S Bouquet

  1. That is sweet! 😀

    Posted by riatarded | March 24, 2012, 5:34 pm


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