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Time to say goodbye.

“Everyone has one person in their life that no matter what they do, how much shit they put you through, or whatever, they will still always care about them; you’re that one person for me.” Congratulations. You’ve shown your true colours, once again. What the fuck do I actually need to do? Because I’m at … Continue reading

Need You By My Side (Part II)

Back in 2012, I posted a short poem I’d written in 2009 called ‘Need You By My Side’ and following some events in my life recently, I’ve written three new verses which I thought I’d share. I sit here in the rain  Dreaming of your face, Thinking of how to cope Now you’ve gone away. Within my … Continue reading

2013; First year on my own. Sort of.

So, we made it. Welcome to 2014. Two years ago I wrote a summary of 2011, which can be found [here] and having re-read it, I felt the urge to summarise 2013. You lucky, lucky people. Ok, since I didn’t do one for 2012 (silly me!) I need to give you a little bit of a … Continue reading

Lawsuit Paid In Full: Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins

This is absolutely brilliant!

Movember: Turning into my dad forty years earlier than planned.

The man serving you behind the desk at the petrol station. Your child’s male teacher. The checkout assistant (me) in the local supermarket and every other man walking past you in the street all have one thing in common. Movember. You’ve probably heard about it. You’ve definitely seen it.  When November becomes the month of … Continue reading

Three years; same weird running arm motions.

This afternoon I loaded up my old laptop and found some old pictures of myself playing football, they’re interesting to say the least. You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the pictures, it was my dad trying to use an iPhone 3G afterall, way back in good old 2010. One common theme though, when … Continue reading

All signed up for the Warwick Half Marathon 2014

In March this year I did my first ‘proper’ half marathon; the first ever Warwick half marathon. Considering it was my first, I was ecstatic with my time of 1:52:15 (especially as my target was to just finish and to say that I completed it without dying!) I was so proud of myself, I even … Continue reading

Why it IS rude to talk on the phone at the supermarket checkout.

As a customer assistant, there is one thing which is annoying and rude; a customer chatting away on their mobile phone at the checkout when you are trying to serve them. Jo Clarke, 26, of Crayford South-East London was left ‘dumbfounded’ when the customer assistant refused to check out her shopping until she put her … Continue reading

Share a Coke with No One.

You’ve probably seen everyone huddled around the drinks refrigeration cabinet in almost every general store and supermarket you’ve been into over the last few months, diving to the back of the fridge and pulling off almost every bottle from the shelf. If you haven’t, then you probably haven’t been out enough. And all over bottles and cans … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Poem; You Taught Me.

Today it’s Mother’s Day, and last year I wrote a poem called M&S Bouquet (you might remember it, but chances are that you won’t.) Well this year I’m too lazy to write another (sorry Mom!) but I still want to share one, so here’s the one on the Mother’s Day card I bought this year. … Continue reading

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