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End of year review., Things I'd like to do.

2013; First year on my own. Sort of.

HNY 2014

So, we made it. Welcome to 2014.

Two years ago I wrote a summary of 2011, which can be found [here] and having re-read it, I felt the urge to summarise 2013.

You lucky, lucky people.

Ok, since I didn’t do one for 2012 (silly me!) I need to give you a little bit of a back story. Basically, on December 1st 2012 I moved out. All by myself.

Sort of.

So; 2013 was the first full calendar year I’ve had my own place. Mi casa. Yet, strangely, I think my parents have seen me more since I moved out than they did before.

‘How?’ I hear you asking.

The flat I’ve moved into just so happens to be only 250 yards from where I work. Hugely convenient. If you think I walk to work, you’d be correct. Surely then, I’d have to walk home? Wrong!

My mother misses me so, so much that she will wait outside work for me every day and take me home. Well, her home. Where she feeds me.

I’ve cooked myself no more than three meals and I have been to my parent’s house for tea pretty much every night. (If you’re thinking of moving out and need ways to save some money, then this is definitely the way forward.)

On nights where I can’t go to be waited on hand and foot at the parent’s, you’ll usually find me with a Domino’s or a McDonalds. (And yes, I can afford it. I’m saving money by not having to do weekly groceries shopping, remember?)

Fast forward to January 2014. Most people’s New Year’s resolutions are to stop smoking or to do more exercise, but for me I need to look back at the way I was starting 2011;

” …but it pushed me out of my comfort zone, which I now realise is something I really needed to do.”

I need to stop relying on my parents for everything.

When I went to university, even if it was only for a month, I was pushed out of my comfort zone but I feel like I’ve slipped right back into it.

It’s time I was reliant upon myself for more. It’s time I stood up and was counted.

That’s why 2014 for me, is about once again pushing and demanding more from myself.

Happy New Year!

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