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Five years; One little book of secrets.

My little book of secrets recently turned five years old.

My little book of secrets recently turned five years old.

Have you ever felt like you needed someone to talk too, but you didn’t know to whom you could turn, or there was no one there to listen?

Have you had thoughts swirling around your head, keeping you awake at night? Almost as if they were laughing at you, taunting you as you didn’t know what to do?

For the last five years, when I’ve needed to let something out into the open; to stop torturing myself, I’ve turned to the one person who really knows me; myself.

Whilst it may not be physically speaking to someone, a pen and paper is just as liberating.

You can say just as much, or just as little as you would to someone else.

Writing thoughts, problems, anxieties down helps so much. Taking my anger and pain down into words on a page and watching them flow as the feelings seep away from inside.

It really does lift the weight from my shoulders.

Then at the end I can lock them back away, but this time in a cupboard, not my mind.

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