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Every scar, no matter how big or small, new or old, has a story. #SemicolonProject416

Whether you’ve seen my tattoo or not, or even know the true meaning behind it, to me it’s incredibly important which is why I’m sharing it’s picture today as part of Project Semicolon’s ‪#‎SemicolonProject416‬. “On April 16th 2016, everyone who is feeling suicidal, struggling with mental illness, living with anxiety or unhappiness, self-harming, surviving a … Continue reading

Five years; One little book of secrets.

Have you ever felt like you needed someone to talk too, but you didn’t know to whom you could turn, or there was no one there to listen? Have you had thoughts swirling around your head, keeping you awake at night? Almost as if they were laughing at you, taunting you as you didn’t know … Continue reading

Life Lessons #1; Just go for it.

Last night I met the very funny (and controversial) comedian Jimmy Carr. Humour is something everyone comes across on a daily basis and ever since I can remember I’ve always had a buzz about making other people laugh (even if I do fail spectacularly at time most attempts. Or injure myself; that happens quite a lot too.) … Continue reading

We all know someone who can’t actually sing … but to set themselves at ease; they believe they actually can.

[You may have seen this blog before; chances are you haven’t. But after a short conversation on the tintermaweb with a good friend earlier it got me thinking, and I had to dig this old post off of my old blog. Enjoy. Again.] Some people are born to sing, take Freddie Mercury, Leona Lewis or … Continue reading

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