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Without a doubt, #DearRich will not be published anytime soon.

#DearRichAgony aunts and advice columns. Without a doubt some of the most insightful snippets a newspaper or internet article could ever produce. I think it’s fair to say, unfortunately, #DearRich won’t be in a national publication just yet.

Dear Rich, Recently I’ve fallen for someone who, quite clearly, doesn’t feel the same about me. Occasionally they will instigate conversation, but the majority of the time I’m the one who makes all of the effort.
Sometimes they don’t even respond for days, and when they do, there’s no explanation why.
I’ve let them know how I feel about them, but that doesn’t seem to have changed anything between us.
What can I do to get this person out of my head?
Unlucky in love, Oxfordshire
Dear Unlucky in love,
Move the f*ck on and stop giving this person the time of day they clearly don’t give you.
The key thing is knowing when it’s a crush and when it’s the real deal. This person is clearly is clearly playing with your emotions and you’re allowing them to f*cking do so.
I’m sending you my e-leaflet ‘Ditch that c*nt and move the f*ck on.’
You may also find 10 units of vodka will also help ease the pain.

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