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Three years; same weird running arm motions.

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(Exhibit A) Bryan’s focusing of photographs on an iPhone need work to say the least, but he was still able to capture the weird arm motion I possess. I’ll give him that at least.

This afternoon I loaded up my old laptop and found some old pictures of myself playing football, they’re interesting to say the least.

You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the pictures, it was my dad trying to use an iPhone 3G afterall, way back in good old 2010.

One common theme though, when compared with photos of myself playing football earlier this summer in a charity match and the images of myself competing in the first ever Warwick Half Marathon (which by the way, I am doing again next year and you can sponsor me here,) is that I have a weird arm motion when running.

(Exhibit B.) Taken during a charity match earlier this summer. Oh, and there's the weird arm motion AGAIN!

(Exhibit B.) Taken during a charity match earlier this summer. Oh, and there’s the weird arm motion AGAIN!
As you can probably tell by the quality of this photo; it wasn’t taken on an iPhone, nor was it taken by Dad.

A very weird arm motion. (See exhibits A & B.)

Actually, looking over them again, there is a second theme too.

In many photographs, I appear to be running in the complete opposite direction to the ball.

Now I’ve been playing football for as long as I can remember, but I can’t remember the rules changing to running as far away from the ball as possible, but hey, I could be wrong. I usually am.

Usually playing on the wing, or as a striker (I prefer striker, generally because I’m as far away from my own goal as possible – long story, I’ll explain after another photo, because I know you’re loving these photos!) I’m supposed to run at defenders, not away from them!

More of Dad's quality photography skills on display here. Somewhere in this mix, I'm about to score a penalty.

More of Dad’s quality photography skills on display here. I promise you I’m somewhere in this mix. I’m the one trying to stop the ‘keeper from coming to claim the ball. You won’t be surprised to know that the ‘keeper successfully came out and claimed the ball.

Anyway, about my most famous goal scoring feat.

It was from the half way line. Impressive.

It was with my left foot. If you’ve seen my shooting with my left foot you’ll understand why this is even more impressive.

It was in my own goal. Yeah, I’ve seen that ‘WTF face’ from everyone else who saw or has been told about it since.

I don’t believe any Kenilworth Wardens player has ever scored a better, or more memorable goal that that day. And I’ll never live it down.

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