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How To Tell You’re Grown Up

50 sure-fire ways to tell you’re definitely, 100% an adult.

Every day on my break at work, I pick up the newspaper and give it a read before I eat my lunch. Today’s choice was between The Sun and The Daily Mail.

I chose The Daily Mail. (Please don’t judge me.)

One article which caught my attention was ‘How To Tell You’re Grown Up” (click on the image on the left to see the full list without having to squint.) So naturally I had to take the test (theoretically the article is the results of the survey, so I’m a little late but hey ho.) Here are a few of my results (I won’t bore you with all 50 answers, but if you would like to know one of my specific answers please feel free to leave a comment asking which number you would like to know.)

1. Having a mortgage I do not have a mortgage, therefore I am not an adult, however if I take this test again in a few months fingers crossed I will magically become a glorified adult thanks to a couple of phone calls and meetings with the bank. Then again, still highly unlikely.
2. Mom and dad no longer make your financial decisions Mom and dad no longer make my financial decisions for me, however they do still have plenty opinions (which they’re entitled too) on the subject, therefore I am under the impression that this does indeed make me an adult.
6. Having children This one made me laugh. Probably one of the most stupid. Not an adult.
8. Being able to cook an evening meal from scratchI could’ve answered both yes and no for this one. Pretty generic and simple question, yet so hard to answer. If we were talking about pasta; then yes. Anything else; no. Neither an adult nor child.
12. Having a savings account –  Not entirely sure how having a savings account makes you feel like an adult, I’ve had one since the age of 11. Then again mom did work in the bank for 38 years, that probably had something to do with it. In this case I’ve been an adult since the grand old age of 11.
21. Having a view on politics –  
Most politicians are money grabbing people who think way too highly of themselves. Oh, politics not politicians.
23. Finding a messy house annoyingI best not actually answer this one.
30. Mom starts asking you for advice – My mother is always asking me for advice. Granted I do still live under her roof, and as such probably part of my duty is helping her in her hours of need, especially when it comes to technology. Yet it doesn’t make me feel like an adult; just superior. Adult.
31. Carrying spare shopping bags just in case I have 10 different ‘Bags For Life’ (which did you know you need to wash in the washing machine every month? I bet you didn’t know that!) yet whenever I actually need them I always leave them in the car. Still it’s the thought of saving the world that counts. Adult.
 34. Going to bed before 11pmReally? Really!? Just because I go to bed at 10.59 does not make me an adult. It just means I can actually get some sleep before my alarms (all 10 of them) go off. Adult.
 44. Work keeps you awake at night – Who isn’t kept awake at night by the thought of having to get up for work? Or that email you wish you hadn’t sent to your boss? Adult.
50. Owning ‘best towels’ and ‘everyday towels” – That’s just OCD.

Judging by my results, I’m 90% adult, but if you actually met you you’d know otherwise! But it’s what the test says!!

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6 thoughts on “How To Tell You’re Grown Up

  1. Oh dear. It appears I am 3 years old.

    Posted by Fran | June 9, 2012, 5:00 pm
  2. Me? and adult?! Wow, I didn’t think so =)

    Posted by Frances antoinette | June 12, 2012, 6:50 am


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