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Double Standards when it comes to The Royals?

Earlier this week, French magazine Closer (not affiliated with the British magazine of the same name) sparked outrage when they published photos of a topless Duchess of Cambridge whilst relaxing during a break. It’s not the first time this summer that photographs of a Royal have been surrounded in controversy as last months picture of … Continue reading

Oscar Pistorius makes history

We are now a week into the London 2012 Olympic Games and I think most will agree, it has been somewhat of a spectacle thus far, from the opening ceremony to out in the streets for the road races. Unsurprisingly, China have topped the medal table since day one; their wealth of talent in what … Continue reading

How To Tell You’re Grown Up

Every day on my break at work, I pick up the newspaper and give it a read before I eat my lunch. Today’s choice was between The Sun and The Daily Mail. I chose The Daily Mail. (Please don’t judge me.) One article which caught my attention was ‘How To Tell You’re Grown Up” (click … Continue reading

Claire Lomas; a truly inspirational woman.

“Completing the London Marathon is a remarkable challenge for anybody, but even more so if you are paralysed from the chest down.” (BBC News.) But yesterday at 12.50; 16 days after the race began, Claire Lomas did just that despite being paralysed from the chest down following a horse riding accident, becoming the first person … Continue reading

Self Harm Awareness Day

 Why is March 1st 2012 significant? Self Harm Awareness Day. All over the world; in every country, continent and corner of the world, there are people who for whatever reason cause their bodies harm, whether it be by physically cutting their skin, or through eating disorders by starving themselves or forcing themselves to be sick after … Continue reading

RIP Gary Speed

Today has been a very sad day for the world of football with the passing of Wales manager Gary Speed. Speed, 42, can only be described as one of the game’s ‘good guys’ who had a long and prolonged career in the game, playing professionally for Leeds United, Everton, Newcastle United, Bolton Wanderers and Sheffield … Continue reading

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