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Being Twins

“Twins and other multiples are naturally the subject of public curiosity. Families with multiples quickly become accustomed to being targeted with questions, and constantly having to answer the enquires of strangers on the street.”

For those of you who haven’t worked it out yet; I’m a twin.

No, not an identical twin, just a normal twin because if I were an identical twin then I’d be well and truly worried.

Being a twin comes with baggage, lots of baggage. Mainly in the form of questions, so I’m going to take the time to answer those questions before you ask them, because I’m nice like that, you see.

1. Oh, you’re a twin are you? So who’s the oldest then?
This is always the very first question you get asked when people find out you’re a twin, it’s like it’s written in the ‘Questions to ask twins’ handbook. This question doesn’t bother me too much, for the fact that the answer is me. In my eyes, this makes me the superior twin. (Lizzie would argue otherwise. At length. Mainly by telling you she kicked me out.)

2. But are you actually a twin though?
No. Of course not. I lied. Of course we’re flaming twins!

3. Which is the good one?
Me; you’ve obviously never met Lizzie.

4. Do twins run in your family?
Lizzie and I are both sprinters yes. Well, Lizzie more so than me.

Oh, right. My bad. I see what you mean. But yes, apparently they do and Lizzie’s next.

5. Do you have your own language?
Yes and it’s quite easy to understand if you’re listening in or watching. It mainly consists of different four letter words being followed by “off.”

6. Did you ever dress the same when you were younger?
Not by choice. There was however a colour variation; blue for myself and a lovely bright yellow for Lizzie, mom and dad obviously didn’t go for the traditional blue for the boy, pink for the girl idea.

I also bought a lovely Christmas jumper (even though it’s October) this afternoon when out shopping with my mother. After buying it, mother did suggest that Lizzie should also have one. Please, tell me if I’m wrong, but dressing the same at 21 is slightly different to being dressed the same at 21 months?

7. Ok, so this isn’t actually a question but it’s something which always gets said; “oh, I’d LOVE to be a twin, me.”
Trust me, you wouldn’t.

Why do people have this idea that being a twin is amazing? Or have Lizzie and myself just be going about it the wrong way for the last 21 years?

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9 thoughts on “Being Twins

  1. I enjoyed this a lot. I am not a twin but I am the mother of infant twins and the idiot questions never stop…

    Posted by Binary Mum | October 15, 2012, 2:00 am
  2. The Christmas jumper thing made me laugh. Time to leave home!

    Posted by hillbilly321 | October 26, 2012, 10:55 pm
    • I have a feeling I know what Lizzie will be opening on Christmas Day. As long as it’s a different colour, pattern and size, I think I’ll survive.

      That and that we don’t have a photo wearing them together put onto the mantle piece to go with the previous ones.

      Posted by RNTomlinson | October 27, 2012, 3:39 pm
  3. … And I have no idea why WordPress won’t now link to my blog and not to an obsolete WordPress account. Sigh.

    Posted by hillbilly321 | October 26, 2012, 10:56 pm

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