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The rise of retro; bringing back the 1950s.

One day, my kitchen will look exactly like this. Even if I have to scale it down a little (a lot.)

One day, my kitchen will look exactly like this. Even if I have to scale it down a little (a lot.)

‘Retro’ is on the rise.
‘Shabby chic’ is swinging back into trend.

Whilst some aspects of retro or ‘vintage’ have always been popular, there are more and more retro fashion trends springing up. And I, myself, am a fan.

Just this week I purchased a retro 1950’s American diner landline telephone. I fell in love with it instantly. It wasn’t just the usable coin slots at the top (I must point out that I don’t need to put 10¢ coin into the slots in order to make an out-going call, like I would have done in an actual 1950’s diner, partly because we don’t use the ¢ here in England), or the coin box at the bottom that drew me to the phone, but the feeling of it being a ‘real’ blast from the past.


My new pride & joy.

It now proudly hangs on my living room wall. How long has it been since people actually hung their landline telephones up? The fact it also has an actual cord connecting the handset to the main body sold it to me. No more of this cordless nonsense; what do you think I have an iPhone for?

I like the fact that I have to physically walk across the room to answer the phone, that is until the computer-generated message on the other end starts telling me I could be sitting on thousands of pounds of unpaid PPI refunds. Jog on.

I also have a new favourite place to eat when I’m out.

Yes, you guessed it. An American diner. Ed’s Easy Diner to be exact. “A much loved retro-American diner that successfully captures the spirit of the classic US originals and iconic symbols of an unforgettable period.” Jukeboxes, black & white floor tiles, stools, it has it all. The food isn’t bad either!

Judging by the amount of people who queue and wait for tables suggests I’m not the only one falling in love with an era I was never around to witness. Oh how I wish I was.

Recently I moved into my new flat (apparently this makes me an adult now. To find out why, head to my “How To Tell You’re A Grown Up” post here.) When I can afford too (so in 15-20 years time then) I’m going to turn my kitchen into my very own American Diner. Complete with black & white floor tiles and hopefully my own jukebox too.

I promise you I’m not going over the top at all.

I think it’s fair to say I was born in both the wrong era and the wrong country!

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