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Movember: Turning into my dad forty years earlier than planned.

The man serving you behind the desk at the petrol station. Your child’s male teacher. The checkout assistant (me) in the local supermarket and every other man walking past you in the street all have one thing in common. Movember. You’ve probably heard about it. You’ve definitely seen it.¬† When November becomes the month of … Continue reading

Three years; same weird running arm motions.

This afternoon I loaded up my old laptop and found some old pictures of myself playing football, they’re interesting to say the least. You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the pictures, it was my dad trying to use an iPhone 3G afterall, way back in good old 2010. One common theme though, when … Continue reading

All signed up for the Warwick Half Marathon 2014

In March this year I did my first ‘proper’ half marathon; the first ever Warwick half marathon. Considering it was my first, I was ecstatic with my time of 1:52:15 (especially as my target was to just finish and to say that I completed it without dying!) I was so proud of myself, I even … Continue reading

Share a Coke with No One.

You’ve probably seen everyone huddled around the drinks¬†refrigeration¬†cabinet in almost every general store and supermarket you’ve been into over the last few months, diving to the back of the fridge and pulling off almost every bottle from the shelf. If you haven’t, then you probably haven’t been out enough. And all over bottles and cans … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Poem; You Taught Me.

Today it’s Mother’s Day, and last year I wrote a poem called M&S Bouquet (you might remember it, but chances are that you won’t.) Well this year I’m too lazy to write another (sorry Mom!) but I still want to share one, so here’s the one on the Mother’s Day card I bought this year. … Continue reading

The rise of retro; bringing back the 1950s.

‘Retro’ is on the rise. ‘Shabby chic’ is swinging back into trend. Whilst some aspects of retro or ‘vintage’ have always been popular, there are more and more retro fashion trends springing up. And I, myself, am a fan. Just this week I purchased a retro 1950’s American diner landline telephone. I fell in love … Continue reading

A letter to Father Christmas; because adults can write to Santa too.

Dear Mr. Claus, I know this is an incredulously busy time of year for you as you will already be inundated with letters from millions, and millions of children worldwide, most of which were obviously started on December 26th last year and contain extensive and detailed lists of demand after demand, but this Christmas all … Continue reading

Being Twins

“Twins and other multiples are naturally the subject of public curiosity. Families with multiples quickly become accustomed to being targeted with questions, and constantly having to answer the enquires of strangers on the street.” For those of you who haven’t worked it out yet; I’m a twin. No, not an identical twin, just a normal … Continue reading

My (short) moment with the Olympic Torch

Unless you have been in a deep, deep sleep for the past two weeks, you will have noticed that there is a rather significant sporting event currently going on, and ultimately ending tomorrow. (The Olympics for those of you who still haven’t worked it out.) In the run up to every Games there is an … Continue reading

Like Father like Son.

When you have two boxes of old photograph albums piled in front of you and the extended family, an afternoon filled with laughter, entertainment and comparisons always ensues. I’m pretty sure you’re aware today is Father’s Day and what could be more entertaining than coming across one of your dad’s old school photographs from 50 … Continue reading

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