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Everyone wants a guiding hand, A shining light when things get rough. But yours was a vice-like grip, And now I’ve had enough. As hard as it is to say goodbye, I know that now’s the right time. You saw all of my smiles, But you were never there to see me cry. Now it’s … Continue reading

Time to say goodbye.

“Everyone has one person in their life that no matter what they do, how much shit they put you through, or whatever, they will still always care about them; you’re that one person for me.” Congratulations. You’ve shown your true colours, once again. What the fuck do I actually need to do? Because I’m at … Continue reading

Without a doubt, #DearRich will not be published anytime soon.

Agony aunts and advice columns. Without a doubt some of the most insightful snippets a newspaper or internet article could ever produce. I think it’s fair to say, unfortunately, #DearRich won’t be in a national publication just yet. Dear Rich, Recently I’ve fallen for someone who, quite clearly, doesn’t feel the same about me. Occasionally they will … Continue reading

Five years; One little book of secrets.

Have you ever felt like you needed someone to talk too, but you didn’t know to whom you could turn, or there was no one there to listen? Have you had thoughts swirling around your head, keeping you awake at night? Almost as if they were laughing at you, taunting you as you didn’t know … Continue reading

Why it IS rude to talk on the phone at the supermarket checkout.

As a customer assistant, there is one thing which is annoying and rude; a customer chatting away on their mobile phone at the checkout when you are trying to serve them. Jo Clarke, 26, of Crayford South-East London was left ‘dumbfounded’ when the customer assistant refused to check out her shopping until she put her … Continue reading

How To Tell You’re Grown Up

Every day on my break at work, I pick up the newspaper and give it a read before I eat my lunch. Today’s choice was between The Sun and The Daily Mail. I chose The Daily Mail. (Please don’t judge me.) One article which caught my attention was ‘How To Tell You’re Grown Up” (click … Continue reading

Claire Lomas; a truly inspirational woman.

“Completing the London Marathon is a remarkable challenge for anybody, but even more so if you are paralysed from the chest down.” (BBC News.) But yesterday at 12.50; 16 days after the race began, Claire Lomas did just that despite being paralysed from the chest down following a horse riding accident, becoming the first person … Continue reading

Life Lessons #1; Just go for it.

Last night I met the very funny (and controversial) comedian Jimmy Carr. Humour is something everyone comes across on a daily basis and ever since I can remember I’ve always had a buzz about making other people laugh (even if I do fail spectacularly at time most attempts. Or injure myself; that happens quite a lot too.) … Continue reading

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