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Five years; One little book of secrets.

Have you ever felt like you needed someone to talk too, but you didn’t know to whom you could turn, or there was no one there to listen? Have you had thoughts swirling around your head, keeping you awake at night? Almost as if they were laughing at you, taunting you as you didn’t know … Continue reading

Three years; same weird running arm motions.

This afternoon I loaded up my old laptop and found some old pictures of myself playing football, they’re interesting to say the least. You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the pictures, it was my dad trying to use an iPhone 3G afterall, way back in good old 2010. One common theme though, when … Continue reading

Why it IS rude to talk on the phone at the supermarket checkout.

As a customer assistant, there is one thing which is annoying and rude; a customer chatting away on their mobile phone at the checkout when you are trying to serve them. Jo Clarke, 26, of Crayford South-East London was left ‘dumbfounded’ when the customer assistant refused to check out her shopping until she put her … Continue reading

Share a Coke with No One.

You’ve probably seen everyone huddled around the drinksĀ refrigerationĀ cabinet in almost every general store and supermarket you’ve been into over the last few months, diving to the back of the fridge and pulling off almost every bottle from the shelf. If you haven’t, then you probably haven’t been out enough. And all over bottles and cans … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Poem; You Taught Me.

Today it’s Mother’s Day, and last year I wrote a poem called M&S Bouquet (you might remember it, but chances are that you won’t.) Well this year I’m too lazy to write another (sorry Mom!) but I still want to share one, so here’s the one on the Mother’s Day card I bought this year. … Continue reading

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