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I have a Coke addiction!

cocacolaThe first step in overcoming an addiction is to finally admit that you have an addiction.

This can be an incredibly hard step to take, but in today’s post it’s a step I shall be taking.

I’m admitting to the world that I have a Coke addiction.

Now, before you drop whatever it is that you’re holding, I would like to point out that it’s not that kind of Coke addiction.

It’s a Coca-Cola addiction.

It would seem that I can’t go a day without drinking over a litre of the stuff – and yes, I do already know how bad that is.

If I’m on the early shift at work, when my alarm goes off at 5am or 6am, whereas most people would make themselves a cup of tea or coffee to kickstart their can, I have no shame in cracking open a 330ml can of Coke.

I’ll then crack another one open on my break at work – unless I still have some of my 1.75l bottle, which I leave in the staff fridge, left. If I don’t have that Coke fix during my break, just ask everyone at work what sort of monster I turn into.

With Christmas having only recently passed, I guess everyone  else could already tell how much of the stuff I drink; almost three quarters of the Christmas presents I received were Coke related. Including a cute cardboard Coca-Cola Christmas truck, containing a bottle.

I can safely say that it’s not a caffeine addiction though, otherwise I’d be drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee and I wouldn’t have Coke bottle openers, t-shirts, cardboard trucks and ice buckets.

It probably stems from the fact that I Share My Coke With No One.

For Lent last year I attempted to give up takeaways and it’s fairly obvious what I should give up this year as I’m already consigned to losing all of my teeth by the time I’m 30!

Hell, I drank two 330ml bottle just writing this post!

Later this month I’ll be posting 10 signs that prove you’re addicted to Coke in a separate post.

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5 thoughts on “I have a Coke addiction!

  1. You’re not the only one with an addiction. I have an ice addiction… an iced tea addiction. Yes it’s difficult, and yes it’s torn my family apart, but I need that sweet sweet fix, otherwise I fall apart.

    Posted by When Stories Attack | February 1, 2017, 4:21 pm
  2. Don’t worry, your not the only one with a coke cola addiction, I suffer with it to but I think I stopped worrying about it now as I’m 32.

    and don’t know about you RNTOMLINSON but as you said in the post “ you resigned yourself to no teeth by 30”, I’m currently going through the dentist to remove my teeth from all my very bad habits ( not just coke haha )

    Posted by Steven w | February 28, 2019, 4:05 pm


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