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#12DaysOfBlogging, General me.

#12DaysOfBlogging – DAY TWO: The Art of Christmas Cards.

Christmas CardsIf there’s one thing which really gets me into the Christmas spirit before the big day actually arrives, it’s receiving the first Christmas card of the year.

From the simple to the stylish. The cheeky to the rude; it’s amazing just how many different designs can be found to celebrate the same thing.

I’m not sure if it’s just me though, but Christmas cards seem to be going out of fashion in this technological era we live in.

Nowadays it’s all about sending Great Aunt Petunia a ten-second Facebook post containing a dancing elf with her face photoshopped on with Jingle Bells in the background, rather than sending a good old’ fashion card by Royal Mail first-class.

(Maybe it’s the fact the price of said first-class stamp has nearly doubled in just under ten years.)

Don’t get me wrong; dancing elves are a great source of amusement but you can’t display them on your window ledge or line them up along your fireplace. It’s an elf and safety thing you see.

I’m pretty sure kids would love to come down every morning to open their advent calendars and see Stuart, Kevin & Bob dancing in the window but Santa somewhat unfortunately can’t complete a risk assessment for every single household in the country, let alone all the other’s he has to visit in his line of work.

What would happen if Bob was to get forget the routine, miss a step, fall into Kevin and force him to spend Christmas in A&E? I’ve heard bad things about every day hospital food and I’m not sure the Christmas special would be any better.

Fear not! For I have a solution and it’s one which will keep the kids just as entertained.

Instead of buying a large box of Christmas cards, why not create your own? I’m not saying you should make every single Christmas card you intend to send, but why not give a handmade one to the nearest & dearest?

Since I’ve started hand-making a couple each year the impression I’ve received is that it’s adding some of the magic back into the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’

Christmas is all about love and giving and a handmade Christmas card adds a small, yet personal touch and can really show someone how much they mean.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost the Earth!

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