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My proudest achievement.

I was going to write this post on the tenth anniversary , but typically, I forgot. Oops!

Ten years ago I started keeping diary entries, or as it became to be known two years later when I decided to move it from single pieces of A4 paper and start to collate it into this book, ‘My Little Book of Secrets.’ [You might as well consider me a pioneer of the global warming  movement with the amount of paper that must of saved!]

I can still remember writing the very first entry back in my old bedroom at Mom and Dad’s  house as if it was yesterday. Sat with twenty seven pieces of scrawled up paper as I rewrote the first entry again and again. (I go back to being a true pioneer of paper saving.) Ultimately ending up with exactly the same words on every single scrumpled up piece.

Usually, when I get a good idea, it doesn’t last. See

  • Training to be a stand-up comedian
  • Buying an expensive iPad for work (others tablets ARE available) and
  • Starting a blog

But for some reason, I have been able to get this one to stick.

This book has been everywhere with me since I started it. Not a day has gone by where it hasn’t been in my bag. It even made it to Kefalonia and back. Twice.

Yet, still no one other than myself has ever read an entry from within these pages. Until now.

(Hello every one reading this on RNTomlinson.com – All three of you! 👋🏽)

I think that’s what I’m most proud of about all of the entries in here. Not only have I been able to communicate clearly and openly with myself, but for ten years I have kept it to exactly that; myself.

Who knows how much longer this book will keeping  going on for but it’s my proudest achievement.





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