Self Harm Awareness Day

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Every scar, no matter how big or small, new or old, has a story. #SemicolonProject416

Whether you’ve seen my tattoo or not, or even know the true meaning behind it, to me it’s incredibly important which is why I’m sharing it’s picture today as part of Project Semicolon’s ‪#‎SemicolonProject416‬. “On April 16th 2016, everyone who is feeling suicidal, struggling with mental illness, living with anxiety or unhappiness, self-harming, surviving a … Continue reading

Self Harm Awareness Day

 Why is March 1st 2012 significant? Self Harm Awareness Day. All over the world; in every country, continent and corner of the world, there are people who for whatever reason cause their bodies harm, whether it be by physically cutting their skin, or through eating disorders by starving themselves or forcing themselves to be sick after … Continue reading

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